• “The school has helped my child grow into himself”

  • “The fact that he stays in school and class shows a lot of progress”

  • “Home and school work together. We are always given time to discuss our concerns. We feel listened to”.

  • “I feel very supported staff try in different ways to help my child get it right. I know they won’t give up on him.

  • “I am happy that my son is receiving a good education. Very happy with the school. School, has helped him calm down a lot”


Welcome to St. Anthony’s School website. Our School caters for students 5-16 with a range of behaviour, emotional, social and learning difficulties.

All pupils follow the National Curriculum in differentiated ways; high levels of staff support ensure individual needs can be met.

Developing personal, social and health needs is a major theme in school. We build on natural talent and interest to promote self esteem in order to tackle more challenging issues, whether that be educational, emotional and behavioural.

We pride ourselves on having an extremely positive ethos. This is based on self management through a framework of well established boundaries and routines, motivational tasks, successful intervention and rewards for achievement. The school offers a wide range of support to enable this to happen.

St. Anthony’s has a growing‘extended school’ agenda and all pupils can access after school. Involving the wider community especially parents is also an extremely important facet of our work through parents support, inter-generational projects and a variety of other community links and training.



  • Term 3 starts Tuesday 6th January and ends Friday 13th February. posted 6th Jan, 2015

    School Dinners posted 1st Sep, 2014

    The cost of school dinners has increased to £2.30 per day. All infant school children will be entitled to a free school meal

    Trouble opening documents ? posted 29th Jan, 2014

    Press F5 - If you experience any trouble trying to open any documents here on our school website Read More
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