Welcome to St. Anthony’s School website. Our school caters for students 5-16 with a range of behaviour, emotional, social and learning difficulties.

All pupils follow a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum and are helped with high levels of staff support to ensure individual needs can be met and all pupils are engaged. We aim to develop the ‘whole child’ and not solely work on the intellectual achievements. Many of our pupils come to us with very negative attitudes towards learning, many emotional barriers in relation to achievement, and therefore to ‘learn how to learn’. This takes time but our results show that we work hard to meet their needs not just during their time at school but at post 16 provision

Developing personal, social and health needs is a major theme in school. We build on natural talent and interest to promote self esteem in order to tackle more challenging issues, whether that be educational, emotional and behavioural.

We pride ourselves on having an extremely positive ethos. This is based on self-management through a framework of well established boundaries and routines, motivational tasks, successful intervention and rewards for achievement. The school offers a wide range of support to enable this to happen.

St. Anthony’s is a growing and developing school which has to reach an increasing range of diverse needs. We do this through a range of extra and alternative provision.  Examples include the setting up of a specific ASD onsite unit, developing alternative provision for those struggling with the school environment, work experience and college placements to support post 16 transition. We continue to offer a range of after school activities.


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