Shakespeare Essay

Explore how Shakespeare presents Romeo to an Elizabethan audience in Act 3 Scene 3.


In this scene Romeo is referring to Juliet as heaven, ‘heaven is here where Juliet lives’. Romeo describes Juliet using the words ‘white wonder’ these words suggest he thinks Juliet is perfect and pure. He also uses the words ‘immortal blessings from her lips’ which means that he feels like he will live forever when he kisses her lips. He also says ‘pure and vestal modesty’ which suggests he thinks that she is pure, clean and untouched.


In this scene Romeo keeps referring to Juliet as heaven and his situation is hell. ‘Every cat and dog and every unworthy thing may look on her but Romeo may not’ this suggests that Romeo is jealous that he cannot be near her and animals can. He also says that ‘more courtship lives in carrion flies than Romeo’, this shows that flies that come out of dead bodies have more chance of touching her than he does. Romeo keeps repeating the word “banished” and says it would be like “hell” if he had to leave. He is saying that he would rather be dead than banished. At this point in the scene the audience would feel he’s ungrateful because he would rather be dead than leave Verona.


When the nurse arrives he was on the floor like a baby and the nurse says to him “stand up, stand up and you be a man.” She’s telling to grow up and stop acting like a baby. He is asking the nurse about how Juliet is and what she thinks of him because he killed Tybalt, ‘where is she and how does she?’ Romeo then says “as if that name, shot from the deadly level of a gun,” he is blaming his family name for all the trouble.


At the end of this scene Romeos mood has changed he has become much happier. Friar Lawrence has told Romeo to go and see Juliet before he leaves Verona, ‘ascend her chamber, hence and comfort her’. Romeo asks the nurse to go and tell Juliet he is coming and please don’t be angry with him for killing Tybalt,’bid my sweet prepare to chide’.


To some up the scene at the beginning Romeo is depressed and miserable and wants to die instead of being banished from Verona as he thinks he wont see Juliet anymore. Towards the end of the scene his mood changes and he realises that one day he could come back and be with Juliet. The audience don’t think he’s all that coming towards the end of the play they think he’s an immature little boy.