Mr Ood Description

Mr Ood description

Mr Ood’s skin is as green as slime and his nails are as long as scissors which is as dangerous as a razor blade, that’s a scary thought. His eyes are as black as an ordinary Magic 8 Ball, staring into your soul. His breath is as smelly as onions, no wonder they make you cry! He is pure evil. His body is as big as a giant, not the ordinary giants you see on TV, an actual giant, his feet is as big as rocks, no wonder you can hear stomping from long distances! He doesn’t like vinegar, one drop of that stuff, he explodes! Huh, would that be a bad thing through?


His daily routine is scaring people in his sight, eating onions for breakfast, lunch and dinner, gross right? He would burgle a shop or even a bank and get away with it blue murder, or should I say, green murder…


His only weakness is being defeated by the Doctor and getting drenched with salt and vinegar, one similar creature had a shower, not knowing that the water was actually salt and vinegar, he exploded in the shower! I don’t think you would want that with your fish and chips!


He looks like a freak and that is a fact, if he went to Britain’s Got Talent, he would kicked out in a blink of an eye.


 He has a gang called The Ood Brothers, where they go to town and scare the public, so when you go to do some shopping, watch out for The Ood Brothers!