Shakespeare Schools Festival 12th November 2015

Some pupils of St. Anthony's took part in the Shakespeare's School Festival which was funded by The Rotary Club and Margate Mayors Fund.

Pupils took part in a work shop in the Theatre Royal Margate alongside Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School in preparation for their performance on stage, both groups enjoyed it tremendously and worked well together.

On 12th November pupils took part in the production of Macbeth and were able to use the facilities of the theatre for lighting and staging.

Pupils worked really hard in preparation for this event and created a memorable play for themselves and the audience.

Jonny Tyndall SSF Director wrote the following note to the school following the performance.

Dear Sandra,

Congratulations! You did it! What an achievement that was! I was so impressed with your students for their performance. To see them on that stage performing was amazing. The commitment that went into their performance was lovely to see and the way they transformed from their energetic and bubbly personalities backstage to being calm and in character on stage was incredible. The vocal projection was very strong and both the scene with Banquo’s ghost and the final battle scene were so tense and emotionally charged. You did a fantastic job in directing this play and I take my hat off to you and your cast!

What a journey it has been, from signing up to participate in the Festival all those months ago, to producing your wonderful and unique Shakespeare plays. I hope you and your students are feeling hugely proud of your achievements, and have been walking tall since the show. We have loved working with you to make the 2015 Festival happen.

As a reward for doing such a splendid job the cast of Macbeth were taken to Morrelli's for ice cream where they were recognised by a member of the public and congratulated on their magnificent performance!!

We are walking tall and looking forward to our next performance which will be Oliver!

St. Anthony's School SSF Performance Appraisal .

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