Charity Football Match

Friday 23rd March saw Margate FC play home to a great charity event, one which would potentially settle any old scores for football supremacy between Mainstream and SEN schools.

It started last year where a charity tournament for Crossroads School in Uganda took place and many schools come together to put their footballing ability to the test. Spires and St Anthony's got to the final which sparked the start of this mainstream/SEN rivalry.

This year to raise as much money as possible and re-ignite the flames in both sets of staff an 11-aside fixture took place.

The match was heated from the start and set a very high pace, after the mainstream team were on top of possession to begin the SEN staff began to get a hold further into the game and managed to grab a goal from a well placed pass and work rate on the left. Not long after and nearly before the strike of half time SEN staff scored another, to make it 2-0.

Legs became slightly heavy into the second half with both teams having to make changes in order to keep the entertainment to a high, mainstream staff starting to get a stronger grip of the game and the SEN defence were playing their hearts out to keep that clean sheet. It wasn't long before the mainstream had stolen a goal. Both teams carried on this glorious battle before the mainstream staff broke through and slotted another goal home to make it 2-2.

The game finished at this result, and with tension still high I am sure we are going to see a similar rematch next year.

 The event managed to raise an impressive £273.28 which will go towards the Crossroads School, Uganda. Well done to everyone involved, whether this meant playing or supporting, it all helps.

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