Parent Governor Election - Inviting Nominations

Dear Parent/Carer,

Election of Parent Governors

I am writing to invite you to consider standing for election as a Parent Governor for St Anthony’s School; we will have a vacancy on July 1st 2018.

Every Local Authority Maintained school has a Governing Body, which includes a number of categories of Governors including Parent Governors.  Parent Governors are elected to serve for a period of four years, though they may resign at any time.

Together with the Headteacher, the Governing Body has overall responsibility for the running of the school; amongst many duties Governors are involved in deciding school policies, allocating the school’s budget and appointing senior staff.

The Governing Body has 3 core functions:

No special qualifications are needed, the most important thing is to have a keen interest in the school and be prepared to play an active part in the Governing Body’s work.  In order to support Governors in their work full training is provided at no cost to the individual.

At St Anthony’s School we have two Parent Governors who serve for a term of office of 4 years.  The full Governing Body normally meets  6 times per a term, usually at 3pm. In addition, there may be Committee meetings held each term, specific arrangements will depend on the model of Governance adopted by the Governing Body. 

If you would like to stand for election, please complete the attached form and return it to me within 10 school days, by Thursday June 7th

You may wish to propose another parent and if so, please ensure that they are aware of your intentions; please also ensure that they sign the nomination form by way of confirmation.

Each person standing for election is invited to provide with their nomination, a short personal statement (a maximum and strictly no more than 250 words).  The statement could include biographical information, your reasons for wanting to be a Parent Governor, your skills and the contribution you believe you could make to the Governing Body.

If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of vacancies, the nominee will automatically be elected as Parent Governors; if there are more nominations than vacancies, a ballot (vote) will be held and copies of the personal statements will be sent to all parents; 10 school days will be allowed for the return of ballot papers. 

Each eligible parent will have one vote for each vacancy, irrespective of the number of children they have at the school.  The ballot paper and two envelopes will be distributed to each eligible parent.  Each ballot paper will be stamped or endorsed for security and/or produced on coloured paper.  Ballot papers would be returned in the inner, unmarked envelope, which should in turn, be placed in the outer envelope; the outer envelope should be clearly marked with:

I do hope you will consider standing as a Governor or perhaps nominating another parent/carer (please ensure they are aware of your intentions; you should also obtain their signature on the nomination form). 

If you would like more information about being a School Governor, please contact a member of our Governing Body or myself for more information via the school office.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Page Headteacher

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