School vision & values

Vision - We aim to become a specialist behaviour school with a highly skilled, flexible workforce that meets the behavioural, learning, social and emotional needs of our students, providing valuable resources and training for a wide community, working closely with a range of partner schools and services

Mission - We will make a positive difference in our community by providing a meaningful learning experience for students with complex and challenging behavioural, learning, social and emotional needs. This in turn gives the students the best possible start to their adult lives.           

Ethos - The school aims to be positive, innovative and demanding with high expectations of performance but balanced by high levels of support for each individual’s wellbeing.

The values we believe are needed to attain this ethos include:

  • Teamwork, partnership & support to ensure the best possible learning environment is created
  • Personal responsibility & leadership to ensure everyone understands their roles within the school and feel a sense of being and achievement
  • Innovation, creativity & change to ensure that the school remains at the cutting edge of teaching and learning and behavioural development
  • Resilient, optimistic & positive to ensure all stakeholders learn to cope with success and failure to develop self-esteem
  • Challenge, opportunity & recognition to ensure all possible avenues for development are investigated and achievement rewarded
  • Honesty, trust & compassion to ensure we become emotionally intelligent community capable of understanding the feelings of others.

Corporate Objectives

1.  The School will educate and support children with a range of behaviour, learning, emotional and social learning difficulties.

2.  The School will foster a safe, caring but challenging environment to ensure that students fulfil their potential.

3.  To develop school/community links by building on the positive communications already in place.

4.  The School will continue to offer a balanced curriculum to all pupils whilst facilitating inclusion for those pupils who would benefit from it.

5.  The School will offer subject areas most appropriate to the needs of its pupils through effective planning, assessment, recording and reporting.

6.  The School will continue to follow a Vocational Pathway at Key Stage 4 but deliver both vocational and academically based accredited courses where appropriate. There will be the possibility of Post 16 education in the future.

7.  The staffing levels of the School will be sufficient to ensure a very low teacher - pupil ratio of 1:8 for Behaviour and Learning (B&L) groups and 1:6 for Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties (BESD) groups.

8.  Staff will be trained and qualified to enhance their teaching and management expertise and to ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the School Community.

9.  The achievements and successes of all members of the School Community will be celebrated.

10.  The School will continue to direct funding and resources to the development of on-site facilities in accordance with the building programme.

11.  We plan to increasingly assist mainstream schools through outreach in their work with pupils with behavioural, learning, emotional and social difficulties thereby ensuring an elevated level of expertise in the area.

12.  We will continue to follow a process of self review to further refine and improve aspects of the school, thus building upon its reputation as an educational establishment of high quality.