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 11th September 2020

 Dear Parents/Carers

 It has been wonderful to welcome pupils back to St Anthony’s last week after what has been a very strange five months. Most have settled back into learning extremely well. The new systems that we have implemented to ensure pupils, parents and staff are safe appear to be working well, although we will continue to monitor to ensure that remains true.

 The morning drop offs and afternoon collections of pupils, after a few issues on the first day back, have settled into a good routine with the staggered times working.  I am enjoying my new role of traffic warden.  Please continue to support the safety of all, by following the one-way system we have in place for pedestrians, so please exit by the far gate.  Parents, once your child is in the queue there is no need to stay around and wait, it will help to minimise contact if you leave. If you are driving, please stay in your vehicle and pull in as far as possible; staff will support pupils to safely get out of cars.

 We have trialled having hot meals again this week in the lunch hall and it has worked well with each key stage coming in for 10 minutes.  We are still sorting our timings, which will allow pupils to eat their lunch at their own pace, but also provide staff time to clean tables and seats after each use.  Next week we will provide hot meals on Tuesday and Thursday, with packed lunches on Mon, Wed and Fri.  This is to ensure our timings and cleaning systems are robust but also provide time to source a new supplier of fruit and veg, as the old one is not available.  We are hoping to have hot meals each day starting Monday 21st September.

 Starting today and running until September 27th is the ‘Great British Clean Up’.  Pupils and staff will be participating in cleaning up local parks and play areas.  As the weather looks good for the weekend get involved as the streets and verges could use your support. 

 The government is constantly bombarding the school with guidance and l would like to bring some important updates to your attention: -

 Face Coverings – advice is, if your child is using face coverings on transport, ensure that you are washing them daily.  Therefore, it might be a good idea to have several face coverings so that you do not have to do washing each day.  We are not asking pupils to wear masks in school.
I note, with the return of pupils, l see a number of them with coughs and colds already. If these are the only symptoms, please think about keeping them home.
However, if you suspect your child may have COVID, please do not contact your GP but contact or call 119 to arrange a test.  I have read that people have been offered tests a long distance away. If this happens, hit refresh, as appointments are constantly being updated to get an appointment locally.
As of Monday, the rule of 6 comes into force. This means that nobody should meet socially in groups of more than 6 and, if you do, you will be breaking the law.  This will apply in any setting, indoors or outdoors, at home or in the pub.  
 I know that you might think it is a problem to not follow the government Coronavirus guidance closely, but l would ask you to think carefully, as your actions could have a significant impact on the wider school community. I do wish to ensure that the whole school community remains safe and we are able to remain open to support your child to reach their potential.

 I do thank you for your support in working to keep pupils and staff safe.  We really do appreciate it.  If you have any concerns please feel free to contact me.

 Yours sincerely,


 Robert Page