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The school recognises that homework can be difficult to fulfil in any meaningful way due to the nature of the needs of the pupils at St Anthony’s. Therefore, homework will normally not be given; however, there are certain exceptions to this general rule. Our arrangements for homework are as follows:

Primary Department

  • Each primary class will work closely with parents/carers to develop a class based homework system that meets the pupils learning needs and parents/carers ability to support pupils learning
  • Homework will aim to consolidate and extend pupils learning in the classroom. With a focus on reading, spelling and numeracy work
  • Pupils should be able to complete all set work independently

Secondary Department

  • Homework may be provided in key subjects areas (English, Mathematics and Science) according to the home/school agreement. It is hoped that parents will encourage their child to complete homework tasks and return the homework for marking by subject teachers.
  • Parents may request homework for their child. Parents that wish homework to be set should contact the teacher or the tutor to arrange an individual homework plan.
  • Pupils should be able to complete all set homework independently.