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Senior Leadership Team

Robert Page Headteacher
Abi Cranson Deputy Head SEMH and Interventions
Antony Curry Deputy Head Curriculum and Assessment
Kate Ford School Business Manager

Primary Teachers

Class Teacher
Pegwell Rachel Cox
Louisa Kate Farrer
Joss Kyle Adams
Stone Kate Wathey

Secondary Teachers

Class Teacher
Kingsgate Viv Wright
Palm Chelsea Webb
Botany Amy Tye
Walpole Jodie Whittle
Epple Leanne Lloyd
Grenham Claire Foley
Minnis Katy Wren

Subject Teachers

Class Teacher
Art Holly Muxworthy
Nicola Shaylar 
DT Kevin Martin
Trevor Pickett
Food Technology Matt Pegg
Alison Clarke
Forest School Ame Friend
PE Genevieve Sanders

Learning Support Assistants

Naza Ali
Jackie Benson
John Buckley
Katie Champion
Jacqui Edwards
Hayley Elks
Danielle Garrett
Emma Glicksman
Michael Hensby
Elizabeth Hollies
Gavin Jones
Pam Joy
Heather Leal
Elizabeth Lee
Alexandra Martin-Bennett
Lauren Miller
Nikki Millender
Sara Musslewhite
Danielle Partleton
Claire Price
Molly Robertson
Jane Rous
Nargis Syed
Paula Ward
Liza Todd
Paula Ward
Kerry Weller
Amy Young

Student Support

Designated Safeguard Lead and Pastoral Manager Kirstie Phippin
Designated Teacher for Children in care Katy Wren
Phoenix Kat Aquini
Phoenix Donna Crump
Phoenix Michael Tilley
Enrichment Timetable Colin Lawton
School Counsellor Nicki Smith
School Counsellor Zoe Walters
Pastoral Intervention Lead Jordan Mott
Play Therapist Zoe Bonnell
Speech and Language Therapist Clara Neville
Speech and Language Associate Practitioner Kate Jackson

Support Staff

Office Staff Kimmy Marks
Office Staff Danni Bowles
Office Staff Nancy Foad
ICT Systems Manager John Fermor
Kitchen Manager Elizabeth Martin
Kitchen Assistant Andrew Bicknell
Kitchen Assistant Imogen Reynolds
Site Manager Steve Borda


Outreach Teacher Katie Wood

Union Representatives

    Number of hours taken (to date)
    2021-2022 2022-2023
National Education Union (NEU) Abi Cranson 0 0
National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers (NASUWT) Rachel Cox 0 0

Fiance Information 

We do not have any school employees who have a gross annual salary of £100,000