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School overview
Detail Data
School name St. Anthony’s
School name St. Anthony’s
Number of pupils in school 110
Proportion (%) of pupil premium eligible pupils 87.4%
Academic year/years that our current pupil premium strategy plan covers (3 year plans are recommended) 2021-2022, 2022-2023, 2023-2024
Date this statement was published December 2021
Date on which it will be reviewed September 2022
Statement authorised by Robert Page, Head
Pupil premium lead Mrs A Cranson
Governor / Trustee lead Pat Warnecke
Funding overview
Detail Amount
Pupil premium funding allocation this academic year £96194
Recovery premium funding allocation this academic year £12180
Pupil premium funding carried forward from previous years (enter £0 if not applicable) £0
Total budget for this academic year
If your school is an academy in a trust that pools this funding, state the amount available to your school this academic year

Below is one of our visual timetables for the week. The children enjoyed knowing what they were doing each day.